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BOBO BLOK Ltd | Voračice 4, 257 53 Vojkov, Czech Republic

Order Processing Managers

  • Company Owner / Sales Director:
    Václav Kabát, e-mail: kabat(at)bobo.cz, tel.: +420 602 218 649
  • Order Processing Manager:
    Helena Kabátová, e-mail: kabatova(at)bobo.cz, tel.: +420 602 224 123
  • Order Processing Manager:
    Lenka Králová, BA, e-mail: kralova(at)bobo.cz, tel.: +420 602 329 458
Production Premises Voračice Map

tel.: +420 317 835 252
tel.: +420 317 835 253
fax.: +420 317 835 606
e-mail: info(at)bobo.cz

BOBO BLOK, spol. s r.o.
Voračice 4
257 53 Vojkov

INFO Line +420 840 166 166

You can find our production premises 60 km south of Prague, direction to Sedlčany.

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Dear business friends,

I really appreciate your interest in our company. Contact with confidence any of our representatives; your efforts will not be wasted.

Our employees will help you to resolve any problem to your full satisfaction. I hope you will also provide us with your trust in the future, and that our mutual cooperation will bring you many benefits.

Yours faithfully,
Václav Kabát - Company Owner


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