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BOBO BLOK Ltd | Voračice 4, 257 53 Vojkov, Czech Republic


Voračice Area

BOBO BLOK Voračice Area

We dispose of extensive storage premises which enable us to provide our customers with comprehensive logistics services. We are highly motivated by the interest of BOBO BLOK customers in the opportunity to use logistics services provided directly by the manufacturer.

The customer is released from problems with transport from the manufacturer to the customer, and saves costs. We can provide our customers with "all-in-one-spot" services including delivery to the end customer. This year, we celebrated the sixtieth anniversary of the BOBO BLOK Logistics Division.

Storage Hall

Storage Hall in BOBO BLOK Voračice area


We offer our customers storage services in our storage halls, where goods can be stored in rack systems or on the floor (e.g. non-standard sizes of stored goods). Our storage capacity amounts to 4,000. We guarantee precise record-keeping of your goods and dispatch precisely according to your terms. The goods can be dispatched on pallets as well as in piece numbers according to your needs.

Storage Premises

Storage Premises in Voračice area

Storage Premises

Storage Premises in Voračice area

We offer the assembly of dispatched pallets (assortment) from several storage pallets. One further advantage is the option to use electronic communication means so you can send your order directly from your information system.

Our Vehicles

Areál BOBO BLOK Voračice

Our Vehicles

Areál BOBO BLOK Voračice


We can provide you with the optimum method of transport of your goods, ranging from single packages to full trucks.

Additional Logistics Services

We will also provide you with other logistics services you may need, such as:

  • Reloading, goods sorting, goods assortment completing
  • Packaging and repackaging
  • Labelling
  • Printing and inserting of manuals and leaflets
  • Production of cardboard boxes, interlay papers, etc.
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