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A plastic binding you can use yourself without needing a special tool or a machine. You can change the page order, or exchange old pages for new ones. Your catalogue, pricelist or information brochure will always be up-to-date. Boboclip binding is available up to A4 format and in white, black or blue. The thickness of the binding file is either 4.2 mm or 9 mm.


A colour model based on colour mixing (when mixed, the colours are subtracted, i.e. the colour spectrum reflected on the surface is limited). In particular, the CMYK colour model is used by printing equipment creating colours by mixing the pigments (e.g. ink or offset printers). This model includes four basic colours: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black, which is also called the Key colour.


Folding means that the paper is folded (by a folding machine) to the required format, or simply folded.

Hot Blocking

Deformation of paper or plastic by applying pressure through coloured film using a hot matrix with the desired pattern. The coloured film will be transferred in the pattern imprinted onto the paper or plastic surface.


Bonding printed paper onto cardboard.

Upper Advertising and Hanging Bar

Cardboard bar used with wall calendars equipped with a hanging hole, which can be printed with advertising graphics.

Micro Flute

Multiple-layer corrugated cardboard; thin material of higher strength than common corrugated cardboard.


Perforation of paper, plastics and other materials: e.g. to enable sheet tearing off or document filing.


Deformation of paper by applying pressure using a matrix with the desired pattern. The result is a pattern imprinted below the paper surface.

Blind Blocking

Deformation of paper by applying pressure using a matrix with the desired pattern. The result is a pattern rising above the paper surface.

Screen Printing

A printing technology; the printing ink is strained through pervious areas in the screen stencil using a squeegee or a roller. The screen printing stencil is created by the frame and pervious screen, mostly made of synthetic textile called meshwork.

Twin wire

Metal spiral twin ring binding. The Twin Wire spiral is described in the section "Products".

Binding V1

A wire stitched binding used for example for exercise books or magazines. The wire can create an eye to make filing easy.

Binding V2

An adhesive binding mostly used for brochures and catalogues.

Binding V3

A wire binding which is especially suitable for firm and durable bookbinding. The block of paper is stitched with wire staples of various thicknesses according to the paper block thickness.

Coiled Spiral Binding

Plastic or metal coiled spiral binding which is used for desktop calendars as well as for manuals, notepads and publications. The end of the spiral is bent, and thus secured against self-turning out. The coiled spiral is described in the section "Products".


This is used in the course of mass production. Using a die, paper, plastics, cardboard or micro flute are cut into semi-finished or finished products.

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Catalogues to download

Download our Calendar and Diary Catalogue 2014 Calendar and Diary Catalogue 2014
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Product Catalogue 2012/2013 Download Product Catalogue 2012/2013
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Download the Specialized Bindery Manual Specialized Bindery
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